Airborne school is a 3 week program hosted at Ft Benning, GA aimed at teaching soldiers how to jump from airplanes using a static line. The curriculum is broken down into Ground Week, Tower Week, and Jump Week.

Ground Week – During this first week, soldiers take an APFT and learn individual airborne skills such as the parachute landing fall (PLF) and exiting a mock door. Training is conducted on the ground, on a 34-foot tower, and on the lateral drift apparatus (LDA).

Tower Week – This stage builds on the skills learned during Ground Week and adds the concept of “mass exit” used during actual airborne operations. Events during this week include a mass exit from the 34-foot towers, the Swing Landing Trainer, and the 250-foot free tower.

Jump Week – This final week is composed of five jumps from a C-130 or C-141 aircraft at 1250 feet, one of which is at night. Jumps are conducted with either full combat equipment or with a parachute and reserve alone.

Selection for Airborne School is competitive.  Selection is based on GPA, APFT score, three mile run, and ROTC sponsored extra-curricular activities.


Here is a video that explains Airborne further: