Cowboys in Action

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Spring 2017 Oklahoma State Army ROTC Commissioning Ceremony. Congratulations Cowboys!
Commissioning Spring 17 II
 Commissioning Spring 17 I
Check out what we are doing in 2015!
 Welcome Back Meat Burn 2015 (Army and Airforce ROTC Event)

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Great turn out and great food! Thanks for your support to the Alumni who made this event possible!  (For additional Pictures of the event click on the photo)

Spring 2015 Oklahoma State Army ROTC Commissioning Ceremony. Congratulations Cowboys!

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 Battalion Awards Ceremony
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Oklahoma State Army ROTC cadets receive Cowboy Battalion coins and certificates for their efforts as members of the two teams that successfully completed the Bataan Memorial March on 22 March, 2015 in White Sands, New Mexico. Great job Cowboys!!!
Bataan March in White Sands New Mexico (22 MAR 2015),

A special thanks for Mr. Brongo, CPT Beaty, and MSG Fleck for sponsoring the Team!  Oklahoma State Army ROTC completes the 26 mile Bataan Memorial March-2015. Great job COWBOYS!!

Link to the O'colly News Report for the Event. http://www.ocolly.com/news/article_66378a3c-e165-11e4-8ddd-5747e6c0e77c.html

Check out what we did in in 2014, Had a great time!
Army ROTC Dining Out (14 NOV 2014)
Cadets enjoying a photo with Governor Fallin, OSU President (Mr. Hargis), and Mr. Pickens.
Army ROTC Annual Halloween Run (30 Oct 2014)
 Halloween Group Pic
 The Motley Crew of Characters that appeared for the run, to include Spider Man, Lt. Dangle, and the Devil!
Oklahoma State University Army ROTC Cadets Home Coming Parade (25 Oct 2014)
 IMG 2799
T. Boone Pickens knocking out two sets of ten push ups in his OSU Orange Cowboy Boots during the homecoming parade.  Hard Core for 86 years old!
IMG 2806 
Army Blades and Army Cadets group picture after the OSU Home Coming Parade. 
(Special thanks to the Army Blades for their support this year, job well done!)
University of Texas San Antonio Game
(Cowboys Win 43 - 13) September 3, 2014
IMG 1368
Celebrating the win against UTSA on 13SEP2014 with the OSU Push Up Board Crew lead by MS IV Cadet Stevenson.
 IMG 1359
Pistol Pete helping Cadet Stevenson count the well earned push ups.
IMG 1362
 Cadets Olson and Koch Enjoying the UTSA Game Day (13SEP2014).
Cadet Shooting Team in early summer of 2014
Cowboy Shooting Match Team 2
Cowboy Shooting Match Team first practice
Cowboy Shooting Match Team 3
Cowboy Shooting Match Team taking aim
Bailey-Benedetto Picnic
Cadet Benedetto and Army Blades member Bailey Franklin cooking at the OSU Army ROTC Organizational Day.
Rafalson Contracting
Cadet Rafalson swearing in as a contracted Army ROTC cadet - Congrats!

 Thunder Game 2


Thunder Game 1

Members of the OSU Cowboy Battalion present the national and state colors at the Oklahoma City Thunder game held in Oklahoma City on the

23rd of February, 2014.

Cowboys In Action 2014 (Starting the New Year In Oklahoma State ROTC)




Commander John Herrington speaking to a joint Army/Air Force group of cadets about leadership and his training as an astronaut and his experiences in space.  Commander Herrington was the first Native American in space, being an enrolled member of the Chicaksaw Tribe.  Commander Herrington visited OSU on Monday, 18 November 2013.






Secy Westphal


Oklahoma State Army ROTC cadets meet the Undersecretary of the Army, Joseph W. Westphal, during the OSU vs. Kansas football game on 9 November 2013.  All the cadets received a coin personally from the undersecretary himself for outstanding performance and dedication.




Fall 2013 Semester - Week 6



Rappelling Lab tying seats


MS5 CDT Dunkelburger teaches cadets how to tie a swiss seat in preparation for their rappel off Thatcher Hall.  CDT Dunkelburger perfected the swiss seat during his time at Air Assault school during the summer between his MS 2 and MS 3 year.



Rappelling Lab Swiss seats


MS2 CDTs wait on their turn for the practice rappel station.  This station was used to allow cdts to get a feel for the swiss seat before their rappel off Thatcher Hall.




Fall 2013 Semester - Week 5



diving board


Cadets execute combat water survival training at the Colvin Center pool.  Pictured above, cadets prepare to jump off the diving board in the 5 meter drop.





Combat water survival training includes the 10 minute swim, 5 minute tread, 5 meter drop, gear ditch and gear carry.  Pictured above, cadets test their cardio strength in the 10 minute swim.




Fall 2013 Semester - Week 4



PT test week 4


MS 3 Cadet Justin Konwinski and the Cowboy Battalion took the first PT test of the semester Wednesday, September 11.  Cadets were assessed on their current level of fitness so that cadre and Battalion staff can more accurately plan a comprehensive PT plan.



CDTS lab week 4


The Cowboy Battalion took to the field Wednesday, September 11, for tactics training.  Pictured above, cadets learn when to lay down fire and how to assault an objective.




Fall Semester 2013 - Week 1


At the biannual Welcome Back lab, cadets prepare for their future in the Cowboy Battalion by looking to the past.  Alumni of the program offer advice for new cadets as they begin their journey to a commission.




Before cadets can step into the field, it is important to make sure their gear is assembled properly.  Here, first year cadets take instruction from senior level cadets on how to square their new gear away.


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