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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the ROTC training?
A: Usually 4 years of training is required of cadets. It is possible for someone to complete their training in 3 and even 2 years with the Leadership Training Course (LTC).

Q: If I join the ROTC can I be deployed?
A: No. If you are contracted with the Army ROTC you are immune to deployment until the time you commission.

Q: Can I join the ROTC if I am in gradschool?
A: Yes! The Army even has programs that help pay for graduate school.

Q: Can I take the classes without commitment to the Army?
A: Yes. The first two years of Military Science classes are commitment free should you choose to not contract. If you discover that Army Officership is right for you, you will be given the opportunity to contract. Once you contract you will receive fund assistance from the Army.

If you have a question or are interested in the Army ROTC program at Oklahoma State University, please feel free to go to the "Contact Us" page and ask us over the phone or through an email.