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Paths to ROTC

  • Oklahoma National Guard
  • US Army Reserve
  • Army ROTC 4 year, 3 year and 2 year scholarships - See your high school counselor, contact us at ArmyROTC@okstate.edu or call 405-744-2046 if you are interested in applying for an Army ROTC scholarship. Available to High School and College students for Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors.
  • Green to Gold Programs and Scholarships - Contact us at ArmyROTC@okstate.edu or call 405-744-2046 to learn the latest on how active duty soldiers can apply for scholarships and release from active duty in order to attend college and pursue a commission in OSU Army ROTC. The benefits and opportunities are continually improving in this area.
  • Enroll as a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior or Graduate Student


  1. MLSC 1112 & 1212 - Generally Freshman, but anyone can enroll. No obligation, ?try it and see if you like it? courses that cover basic military history and leadership skills that are applicable in both military and civilian careers. Both MLSC 1000 (Leadership Lab) and MLSC 2130 (Physical Training (PT)) are optional (but highly recommended) courses for freshmen.
  2. MLSC 2233 & 2313 - Generally Sophomore, but anyone can apply. No obligation, ?try it and see if you like it? courses that cover ethics based leadership, skills in written and oral presentation, and basic military tactics. These courses also cover small unit tactics and situational safety assessments. Participation in the Leadership Lab (MLSC 1000) is required for sophomores, while MLSC 2130 (PT) is an optional (but highly recommended) course.
  3. Juniors or Graduate students - MLSC 3113 & 3223 - Instructor approval required. These classes cover leadership in small organizations. Participation in the Leadership Lab and in PT is required at this level. To enroll in the junior level classes a student is required to have completed one of the three following preparatory courses: 1) Completion of the freshman and sophomore ROTC courses; 2) Completion of Basic Training, or; 3) Completion of the Leaders Training Course (LTC) at Fort Knox, Kentucky. It is at this level where a student generally makes a commitment to the Army. The student makes a total commitment of eight years, four years on active duty and four years of inactive reserve service or six years of active National Guard or Army Reserve (one weekend a month and two weeks of annual training) and two years of inactive reserve service. There are many other combinations that will meet the eight year commitment. In return, Army ROTC pays the student a $350 per month stipend while attending school their junior year and $400 a month their senior year. Students are evaluated on all the information covered in the junior year classes during the five week Leadership Development Advanced Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis, Washington during the summer between their junior and senior years of ROTC.
  4. Seniors or Graduate students - MLSC 4123 & 4223 - Instructor approval required These classes cover leadership challenges, goal-setting, ethics, and professionalism. The junior year class work is a prerequisite for these classes. Participation in the Leadership Lab and in PT is required at this level. Army ROTC pays the student a $400 a month stipend during their senior year. Upon completion of the students? degree requirements/graduation he/she will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army
You may be eligible to contract as early as your sophomore year, if you are a member of the Reserve Components. Ask us about details, the laws and rules are constantly changing.