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Leader's Training Course


The Leader’s Training Course (LTC) is a 28-day course in Ft. Knox, KY designed to replace the first two years of ROTC leadership development in a high impact training environment designed to challenge cadets physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you are a college student with only two years of school left - whether undergrad or grad student - LTC will put you on track to commission as a 2nd lieutenant in the Army upon graduation. This course is composed of four week-long phases.

Week 1 – Soldier First

Physical training, drills and ceremonies, and a confidence course are some of the events of the first week. This training immerses cadets in the ways of the Army and prepares them for the upcoming weeks.

Week 2 – Warrior Leader

This second week builds upon the foundation of the first week while adding events such as combat water survival, rappelling, land navigation, and rifle marksmanship.

Week 3 – Bold Leader

Cadets in this third week will get a chance to lead a squad of their peers through given exercises.  Utilizing the troop leading procedures, cadets will be expected to receive a mission, analyze their situation, and execute their plan to completion.

Week 4 – Future Leader

This final week wraps up the course with individual and group counseling from the instructors, family day, graduation, and an awards ceremony. This week is designed to leave the cadet with a sense of accomplishment and a desire build upon the LTC foundation with a future career as a Army leader.

In order to qualify for LTC, you must meet the following requirements:

· Be a US citizen or legal US resident

· Be between 17 and 30 years old

· Be enrolled in college full time in pursuit of a bachelors or advanced degree and have at least two years of school remaining.

· Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

· Meet military medical qualification standards.

· Have no civil convictions (unless waiver is approved).

· Have no more than three dependents (unless waiver is approved).

Here is a video from Cadet Command that explains LTC further: