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Reserve Component


If you are a member of the Oklahoma National Guard or the Army Reserve with at least two years remaining on your degree program, you most likely qualify for these benefits as a Simultanneous Membership Program (SMP) cadet in the Army ROTC:

·         A monthly stipend of up to $500 based on how much time you have left until commissioning

·         Maintain eligibility for monthly GI Bill payments

·         Earn an additional monthly stipend for agreeing to commission in the National Guard or Army Reserve

·         Increase in drill pay to the pay grade of E-5

·         Oklahoma National Guard will pay full undergrad tuition at OSU

·         US Army Reserves will cover tuition and fees up to $4500 per year though the FTA program

·         Ineligible for deployment until commissioning

·         Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) may not be required to enroll in ROTC

·         Oklahoma National Guard and US Army Reserve positions are available in the Stillwater area