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The ROTC Experience

The ROTC experience is different for everyone. Some cadets enter the program their freshman year and complete four years of ROTC, others complete it in two or three years. No matter how you get here, there are numerous extracurricular programs that you can become involved in, they include:

  • Football Games
    • Pushup Board
    • Packy Goal Cannon
    • Opening Color Guard 
  •   Ranger Challenge
     A test of physical strength a mental agility of the individual and team against other ROTC schools in the area. Ranger challenge is a great way to improve one's abilities in a team, military knowledge, and become physically resilient.

  •  Pershing Rifles
    A special fraternity/sorority-like group within the ROTC program. Cadets may inquire how to join this organization by speaking to their cadet mentor.

  • Much, much more. The ROTC program is always evolving and increasing its involvement in the Stillwater and Oklahoma communities. Many cadets even start their own organizations during their time in ROTC!