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Training and Curriculum

Training and Curriculum

The average OSU Army ROTC student who is actively pursuing a commission as an Officer in the United States Army, attends an ROTC class twice a week and the Leadership Lab on Wednesdays (3 credit hours). He or she participates in a one hour physical fitness program conducted three days a week in the mornings or in the afternoon (student choice).

Training and curriculum is a combination of classroom instruction of basic leadership, management, oral & written communication skills, counseling, map reading and tactics with hands-on laboratory participation both indoors and outdoors. We learn by doing. We can be seen building rope bridges, conducting land navigation, rappelling, having paint ball battles, conducting first aid, setting-up a tactical field site, leading each other, and studying basic soldier tactics to name a few.

Any OSU student can enroll in one of the following:

MLSC 1000 Leadership Laboratory (Taken with either MLSC 1112 or 1212)
MLSC 1112 Fundamentals of Military Leadership
MLSC 1212 Introduction to Leadership
MLSC 2130 Military Physical Conditioning
MLSC 2233 Self and Team Development
MLSC 2313 Individual and Team Military Tactics

To contract and enroll in one of the following requires instructor permission. See an OSU Army ROTC enrollment officer for details

MLSC 3113 Leading Small Organizations I
MLSC 3223 Leading Small Organizations II
MLSC 4014 Leadership Challenge and Goal-Setting
MLSC 4223 Military Ethics, Justice and Professionalism
MLSC 4422 The Tactical Planning Process