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MLSC3113 Leading Small Organizations I

This course requires one the following prerequisites and instructor approval to enroll:

·         Completion of MLSC 1112, MLSC 1212, MLSC 2233, and MLSC 2313

·         Graduation from Basic Combat Training (BCT)

·         Graduation from the Leader’s Training Course (LTC)


Enrollment in this course generally requires a commitment to serve in the Army, either Active Duty or Reserve Component,  after graduation.  Cadets in this course receive a monthly stipend of $450.  This class teaches cadets how to lead small groups ranging in size from 10 to 40, and infantry squad and platoon tactics.  Topics include:

·         Land Navigation and Map Reading

·         Composite Risk Management (CRM)

·         Leadership Development Program (LDP)

·         Counseling and Mentorship

This course is offered only in the spring semester.  Participation in weekly leadership labs and morning physical training (PT) is manditory.  Cadets enrolled in this class are expected to lead Freshmen and Sophmore cadets at PT and labs.