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What ROTC Does for You

The Army ROTC program is about more than just training a Soldier.

It is an opportunity to improve oneself through an array of physical and mental challenges. As cadets complete their two, three, or four years of training they will gain skills essential to being a leader in both the Military and Civilian walks of life.

Scholarship cadets do not have to pay student loans when they graduate. They can choose to have their housing paid for or their tuition bill. In addition, they recieve a monthly stipend check of increasing value as they complete their training. ($300,$350,$450,$500/mo)

Cadets have the opportunities to attend summer training schools such as Airborne, Air Assault, Mountain Warfare, Sapper, CTLT, CULP. Each of these schools builds the character of the attendees and graduates them with a stronger confidence and sense of their capabilities.

The United States Army has the best job security in the world, and they want officers! All commissioned soldiers will recieve either a full-time or part-time job after graduation. Our alumni, especially those that get selected for active duty, don't have to worry about searching for a job like their peers.

The bottom line is that Army ROTC is not right for everyone, but everyone has a commitment-free way to find out. For those it is right for, there are countless opportunities and benefits waiting for them.

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