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Army ROTC is one of the Nation’s top leadership programs, with many benefits to joining. Through Army ROTC you can:

  • Training: Train to become a leader and a manager
  • Marketability: Build a competitive Resume
  • Experience: Gain experience you can not find anywhere else
  • Respect: Gain the respect of your peers and future employers
  • Financial: Get help with your college tuition, fees, and expenses through a variety of scholarship, stipend, and membership programs
  • Starting Salary (Sample)

After graduating from OSU Army ROTC, you become an Officer in the Active Army, U.S. Army Reserves, or the Oklahoma National Guard.

Officers are leaders, counselors, strategists and motivators, to name a few skills. It is similar to being a vital manager in a corporation. As an Officer, you will lead other Soldiers in all situations and adjust in environments that are always changing. Officers are problem-solvers, key influencers and planners. They are driven to achieve success with their team on every mission.