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Alumni Portal

The Oklahoma State University Army ROTC program strives daily to improve itself as an organization. As year after year passes, we learn from the actions of those before us, and you are those people. Thank you for reaching out to us to offer your help, ladies and gentlemen.

The Alumni Portal is here for you to stay in touch with your Alma Mater. You can join the alumni mailing list to receive updates about the program ranging from interesting training events to fund raising opportunities that Alumni can help participate in. If you are interested in attending events like our Military Ball, our Awards Ceremony, or our Commissioning Ceremony, please reach out to us at the email below.

Please email us your address and phone number at armyrotc@okstate.edu and like us on Facebook so that we can stay in touch for important OSU Army ROTC events and news!

We are so grateful you paved our way. Cowboys!

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