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What is Army ROTC?



The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (Army ROTC) at Oklahoma State University provides an educational training program that develops leaders and future U.S. Army officers as they complete their degrees. Army ROTC is the primary source of commissioning for officers in the active army and its reserve components (National Guard and Army Reserve). It is a program that, in cooperation with universities, trains and commissions the future leadership of the U.S. Army. During the first two years of ROTC classes, students incur no military commitment. The four-year program is divided into two courses. The first is the basic course (freshman/sophomore). It is open to any student at any college level with no military obligation. The second is the advanced course, which requires specific criteria to enroll (juniors/seniors). Students entering their freshman or sophomore years can enroll in Army ROTC and petition for in-state status while actively attending and participating in Army ROTC.